About Us


Conger-Elsea represents a vast collection of expertise from private businesses and government agencies with an impeccable history of success. The firm includes over sixty experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of:

  • Root Cause Analysis/Incident Investigation,
  • Corrective Action/Development/Improvement,
  • Safety/Safety Culture Assessments,
  • Audits and Evaluations,
  • Nuclear Material Handling,
  • Nuclear Licensing, Strategic Regulatory Counsel,
  • Significance Determination Process,
  • Preparation and Support for Enforcement & Regulatory Conferences
  • and Preparation and Support for ALL NRC Inspections. Including: 95001, 95002 and 95003.

Conger-Elsea also provides the Training Solutions for each, enabling your team to manage these significant performance improvement initiatives. All aspects of our business are characterized by a legacy of ethics and unmatched expertise from our founders, Dorian Conger and Ken Elsea; whose fingerprints are indelibly fixed to all the firm’s content and services. When you’re searching for the real solution that will mitigate risk, enhance the safety culture and improve performance …

Conger-Elsea … Your Solutions Partner.