We help companies in high-risk industries avoid failures, incidents, and accidents.

Our training and consulting services allow us to work closely with your team to Improve Performance, Enhance Culture and Mitigate Risk.

Oil spills that shut down beaches. Product recalls that destroy consumer trust. Blackouts that plunge cities into darkness. Deadly explosions triggered by safety oversights. Collapsed buildings caused by engineering errors.

Incidents that make headlines are avoidable. At Conger & Elsea, we provide the training and consulting your company needs to find, fix, and prevent problems-big and small.


For more than 30 years, we have been helping companies within high-risk industry sectors across the US and around the world to:

Improve Performance

We work with you to conduct investigations and perform causal analysis to identify the underlying drivers (process, programmatic or cultural) of adverse incidents and failures. When needed, we also develop and implement management systems and controls to ensure high-quality, high-reliability performance results.

Enhance Culture

We help you establish a collective commitment (from leaders and employees) to emphasize safety over competing goals to ensure the protection of people and the environment. Our standardized methodology is tailored to the specific needs of your organization within your particular industry to meet all applicable regulatory compliance policies.

Mitigate Risk

Using the Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT) analytical technique, we partner with you to identify risks and undesirable outcomes that threaten your business. We then implement management systems and controls to minimize the frequency and severity of undesirable outcomes and, ideally, prevent them from happening altogether.

A proven approach for creating systemic excellence

Our proprietary Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT) Root Cause Analysis/Incident Investigation process forms the foundation of our investigative approach.

This disciplined and comprehensive process is scalable across all industries and applications. Whether you operate a cross-country pipeline, manufacture a lifesaving drug, generate power by nuclear fission, or design aircraft to take us to the stars, our MORT process can help guide the way. See why we have been trusted by many regulatory inspectors, government agencies and courts of law.

Let our experts help you create systemic excellence in your organization with assessments and training in the following areas: