Experience and expertise that transcends across all high-risk industries

Conger & Elsea originally developed its tools and methods in the nuclear power industry. Over the past 30 plus years, we have adapted our proven expertise across high-risk industries, partnering with both domestic and international clients. No matter the industry, our goal remains the same: to help our clients improve performance, enhance their safety culture, and mitigate the risks to their enterprise.

Power and Utilities

Enterprises in the power and utility sector are engaged in providing critical services including electric power generation, transmission, and distribution; natural gas distribution; water supply treatment and distribution; and sewage collection, treatment, and disposal. Interruption of these services is unacceptable. Conger & Elsea has been partnering with utility companies for more than 30 years to ensure services are provided safely and reliably. 

As a leading provider of training and consulting services, regulatory agencies rely on us to help operators improve performance. You can rely on Conger & Elsea to provide the expertise your organization needs to help you identify the risks that can jeopardize your enterprise, develop the skillset needed to effectively identify and solve your organization’s problems, and develop and maintain a healthy safety culture.

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It is essential that enterprises in the manufacturing sector employ effective problem-solving methods to ensure production of high-quality products with high reliability to ensure safety and compliance, regardless of product being manufactured.  Whatever method your organization has adopted (DMAIC, PDCA, Lean, Six Sigma, A3, 8D, etc.), Conger & Elsea’s techniques make it more effective.

You can count on Conger & Elsea to be your partner in your continuous improvement journey. 

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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense industry enterprises face many risks that Conger & Elsea can help mitigate.

We understand the highly detailed and rigorously governed regulatory environment of this industry.  We partner with our clients to investigate personnel injuries, equipment failures, human errors, environmental exposures, and more.  We help our aerospace and defense industry clients identify the organizational, programmatic, and cultural drivers of near misses and failures.  We work with these clients to solve problems, meet quality and reliability requirements, and maintain a safety culture necessary to preserve their organization’s reputation.

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Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

The oil, gas, and petrochemical industries provide essential products to support the global economy.  Day-to-day operations of enterprises within these industries pose significant risks to the health and safety of people and the environment; therefore, it is critical that enterprises that operate within these industries identify and mitigate these risks.

Operators need Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) that comply with API Recommended Practice 1173.  As a leading provider of training and consulting services, regulatory agencies have come to rely on us to help operators improve performance.  Conger & Elsea has decades of experience partnering with clients to conduct incident investigations, develop and implement the essential elements of PSMS, and enhance their organization’s safety culture.

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Engineering and Construction

The engineering and construction industry is evolving, applying technologies to smart cities and connected construction, and influencing how companies design, plan, and execute projects. This evolution places even more emphasis on safety.

After all, negative safety outcomes affect timetables, regulatory oversight, personnel, and quality.  Conger & Elsea provides solutions to address the safety issues inherent to this industry.  We provide incident investigation, root cause analysis, and safety culture enhancement services to expand your organization’s ability to properly analyze and appropriately respond to a variety of issues that may exist or arise.

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The transportation industry has the potential for multiple perils affecting personnel, equipment, the environment, and even public safety.  Specialists who manage these risks must have a complete problem-solving skill set – the expertise to:  identify and define the problem; analyze the problem to determine root and contributing causes; develop efficient and effective solutions to correct the problem; and evaluate the results to ensure effectiveness.

Conger & Elsea has more than 30 years of experience partnering with our clients in the transportation industry to help them improve their organization’s problem-solving capabilities and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

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Conger & Elsea serves companies that serve others.  We collaborate with law firms, management consultants, scientific and technical specialists, and professional trade associations to provide subject matter expertise in a variety of areas including incident investigation and root cause analysis, problem-solving, performance improvement, quality assurance program implementation and assessment, regulatory counsel, and more. 

Conger & Elsea also has decades of experience partnering with our clients to prepare for potential litigation related to an incident or accident and regulatory enforcement proceedings at the State and Federal level.

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Public Administration

Ensuring public health and safety and protection of the environment is a vital government service.  For more than 30 years, Conger & Elsea has been partnering with government agencies, both domestic and international, to help these agencies successfully fulfill their mission.  These agencies include:



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