Incident Investigation 1-Day Workshop

The Incident Investigation 1-Day Workshop is intended to provide participants the necessary skills to effectively respond to an event, conduct the initial investigation, identify, and gather critical information needed to support subsequent analysis, and report development. It includes 8 hours of hands-on training.


Introduction to the Workshop: Introduction of the participants and instructor(s). Introduction to the workshop: concepts, methods, exercises, outcomes, and expectations.

Incident Investigation Key Concepts: Review of key concepts including when and why investigations are done, standards for investigations, the need for preplanning, etc.

Starting the Investigation: Discussion on implementing preplan actions; scoping the investigation; developing an investigation charter; selecting team members; developing a schedule; preserving information; and seeking cooperation and support.

Information Gathering: Discussion on deciding what information to gather; information gathering methods (i.e., document review, observations, investigative interviewing, collecting physical evidence, photography/videography).

Determining Analytical Methods for the Investigation: Discussion on considering significance, complexity, schedule, etc. when selecting analytical methods for the investigation. Example methods include Event and Causal Factor, Change Analysis, Hazard-Barrier-Target Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Why Staircase, Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT), etc.

Managing the Investigation Process: Discussion on maintaining the “big picture”, delegating, staying on schedule, managing common points of conflict, controlling information, etc.

Managing Oral and Written Reports: Discussion on ensuring objectivity, organization of the report, use of facts to develop conclusions and recommendations, answering questions, managing objections, etc.

Workshop Activities:
Comments, Questions, Course Evaluation and Participant Feedback Successful completion of this training gives 0.8 Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Teaching Approach

Instruction for these classes will be presented by standard lecture methods in a typical classroom setting (or using a remote live online platform if preferred by the client) and will include hands-on workshop activities. Lectures will include audio/visual media. During the course, the participants will be assigned to teams of 3-5 people. The teams will conduct exercises associated with a simulated investigation of an incident/accident appropriate for the client. Course trainers provide continuous mentoring and evaluations of each student’s and each group’s work. Instructor comments will be provided to the class participants on an ongoing basis throughout the course.